Tuesday, October 18, 2011

favorite photos from the {evelyn} collection.

I still can't get enough of these great shots from the evelyn collection and wanted to put a few of my favorites together here. Thanks again to the beautiful little girls Anna & Cianna!

Monday, September 19, 2011

you'll find me in {aisle 10}

In honor of  National Sewing Month...I thought I would share a little into my world of obsession.
For those of you who don't know...I am a  material girl...a fabric-aholic!  All it takes is a look into my home...and you will easily get it.  I even have fabric in storage....{crazy} - right?   But seriously, I have plans or intentions for most of it.  ;)  I admit to this, so I believe that makes my first step into recovery.  And, I refuse to use the word hoarder, due to the fact that it is all organized, in piles or bins, and I know where to find things easily and it's clean.  Thanks A&E for giving us a glimpse into true hoarding...so that I am okay with my surroundings!
This is my FAVORITE aisle at one of my FAVORITE fabric stores -Aisle #10!  Seriously...I can spend a few good hours here.  Either trying to search for something I purchased before, and need more of it...or trying to figure out what is up on the top shelves that I haven't yet discovered.  I try not to bug the guys who work here too much by asking them to pull things down from the upper layers of the fabric stash.
bolts upon bolts of undisovered goodies!
Here's my shopping cart.  It's usually packed so full it's hard to steer and see over the bolts of fabric enough to make it down the aisle.  Dot's and stripes in tow.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

photographing the {evelyn} collection Fall 2011

What a fun photo shoot!  I was so excited to use my niece Anna and her cousin Cianna for models.  They both were in town visiting Minneapolis! What a beautiful pair. Love how the sun lit up this shot up so beautifully! 
The girls were great!  They had so much fun goofing around with each other, and came up with some really silly faces along the way.  

Here's a shot post photo shoot...with my niece Abigail, my mom, and Anna.  I was fortunate to have them all along to help out!

Thanks to my wonderful photographer Sonja!  Her pictures continue to impress me...what a wonderful friend!  I think I'm going to try to get a shot of her next time...get her out from behind that camera ;)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{inspirations.} for the fall collection

{fall 2011.}

fall 2011 collage
fabric collage.fall 2011


black   .   white .    grey    .    yellow

polka dots.....stripes......florals......

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{Unexpected Props & Photo Extras. } ...at the Lilah collection photo shoot!

As we were ending the photo shoot for the Lilah collection, we kept hearing the girls ask to go see the FIRE TRUCK!!!  We hadn't noticed the Minneapolis Fire Dept arrive on scene...but the girls sure did!  
It was fun to get a few photos of these firefighters along with some itzi & bitzi!

Love the look on Elle's face...so fascinated with all the gear and buttons in the truck.
Thanks to our Minneapolis Fire Dept for their commitment to provide and ensure the public safety of our community!...and for treating the girls to a inside view of your firetruck at the end of a hard day's work modeling ;) 
Love the dirty feet!!! 
And as you can see...a hot windy day of having the photographer chase you around to capture your picture can be quite exhausting. Little Lily was more comfortable posing outside the truck by the flag...I guess she knew it was Memorial Day after all ;)
Thanks to my brother Ammon and sister-n-law Courtney for coming along!

lilah skirts

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the Lilah Tank Dress {in the making. }

a view from my design room...
So... it usually starts out with a messy work table! I
start playing around with one fabric, then bring another out, then another, another....yep, another.  But, I hate to work in a mess, so I eventually sort through the pile.
When making multiples, it's easier to get all the parts complete, and then assemble in steps.  The polka dot for the skirt, the eyelet knit for the tank top, the turquoise for the ruffle corsage, and the grosgrain bows. And, of course...I can't leave out the ruffles!!!

I love making ruffles!
 I love to keep my design room filled with them...almost as a functional decoration ;)


And once the final product is assembled...it gets to hang with the other pieces in the collection.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{Elle & Lily Twirling. } Pre Photo Shoot for Lilah Collection

It was a windy, hot day (finally here in MN!!!) and my neices Elle & Lily were practicing a little twirling in their skirts prior to the photo shoot.  Elle ending up a bit dizzy at the end ;)